Miranda the Photographer:

capturing people in love all over the world

So the one you loved popped the question and you’re on the search for the right photographer to capture your love story. Well, I hope I’m the girl for you! Here are a few things to help you learn a little bit more about me. I have a smalltown heart and a very vintage/classic style. I always have that travel bug and will adventure anywhere with you. Dogs are God’s greatest gift to earth. I love to make people happy and try to tell jokes during our sessions but it doesn’t always seem to work out; maybe it’s a blonde thing. We’ll jam to whatever tunes get you moving because I love to dance. But you’ll soon find out that I have two left feet. I’ll cry with you, laugh with you, sing with you. You can find me barefoot most of my days. & you can bet your butt that I’ll do everything I can to capture your true authentic selves. Because that’s what my passion is, to form connections & capture real love stories.

When you picture you're wedding day, you picture the best day ever-right?

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