Capturing that golden hour goodness in Missouri in the winter rarely happens! As soon as that golden light starts to hit, the sun drops in a snap. Which always breaks my photog heart. But during Breanna and Andrews’s couple session, that Missouri sunset did not disappoint. B + A are so sweet and fun and cute. They are my new faves.

It had just snowed a few days before the session so it was a pretty muddy mess down in the fields. We hiked to the top of the hill where the views stretched far. The rocky little mountain had an Iceland-like vibe. At this shoot, I just wanted to capture B + A interacting with each other, and that’s it! So they hiked around, gave sweet kisses, and laughed so much. At the end of our shoot, Breanna gave me the sweetest gift, from her very own shop Studio B Crafts. Three adorable scrunchies, an adorable hair ribbon, and a keychain wristlet, that is traveled theme. MY HEART EXPLODED!

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