May 21, 2019 /

Golden Hour Goodness

"you are like golden hour, it all glows different when you're here." - butterflies rising

It felt like summer this past weekend. Which made for perfectly golden sessions. I ended the weekend with a stunning engagement session. Diane and Travis were engaged on March 2, 2019. They have been together since 2007! High school sweethearts y’all. Diane reached out to me about shooting their wedding next year and I was so excited! The day of their engagement session, it looked promising. When we arrived at Klondike it started to get a bit overcast. It was still perfect lighting for their first outfits. We started out with a few shots with their pup Ralphie by the pond. (BRING ALL THE DOGS TO YOUR SESSIONS, I LOVE THEM AND NEED TO MEET THEM) We finished up down by the pond and headed to the top of the cliff to change into the second outfits. As soon as Diane was changed the sky had changed drastically. A storm was coming. We thought we had time to grab a few quick pictures but the wind came and shortly after the rain. We decided to schedule for Sunday evening if the weather allowed! Sunday we met at the top of the cliff and there was a perfect golden glow.

Both days Diane and Travis brought the heat. They mentioned being a bit nervous but after I made a few awkward jokes you could tell the nerves had gone away. I love capturing authentic laughs & those small glimpses you give each other that scream I LOVE YOU. I want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera so I can deliver images that you will cherish forever. These two should be freaking models. JUST LOOK AT THEM! I couldn’t stop taking pictures, I had almost a 1000 images that I had to break down into an album for Travis and Diane. If they look this good now I do not think I am prepared for their wedding day. No one is. Scroll down to check out Travis + Diane’s engagement session.

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