The Brinker’s

I’m pretty sure I’ve never met a purer love. I met Madeline + Kurt at Klondike Park for a family session with their pups Roxy + Red. They joked about being awkward in front of the camera but that never came across in a single photo. Every prompt and pose came naturally to them. Country music playing in the background; I felt at times they would just get lost in eachother, in-the-moment. That makes my job easy, just capturing you, enjoying each others company. Now if only Roxy + Red would sit still for a picture. Does that happen to everyone? When a camera comes out dogs look away. I try all the bribing but I swear they are just like kids. They know all your tricks! Couple sessions hold such a special place in my heart. I love getting to work with just the two of you, but please remember to always bring your dogs. Thanks in advance.

It’s always great to get updated images of you and your significant other. Let’s plan a little date day + let me be your third-wheel.