This weekend I met Lauren and Tim for their engagement session and it was the best way to start my Sunday morning. These two cuties have known each other since high school but it wasn’t until college that Lauren finally said yes to being Tim’s girlfriend. Fast forward and now they are getting married. Isn’t it crazy how life works like that? Your person can be right in front of your eyes, and you don’t even know it until the time is right. I am just always fascinated that every little path we take leads us to our purpose, our people, our dreams, and love stories.

These two were definitely made for each other and have the sweetest proposal story. Tim went all out to surprise Lauren and claims that it was “super cheesy.” But SUPER CHEESY IS THE BEST WAY because it just shows how much you realllly love your person. Love makes us do crazy things y’all. And I get all giddy hearing about your love stories because I am a very sappy romantic, so lay it all on me. Keep scrolling to see all of the prettiness and Lauren’s golden honey eyes. I’m OBSESSED!

stl engagement photoshoot
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