August 2, 2019 /

Rocking like a Rolling Stone

A little country lovin'

I met up with Kassy and Ben Tuesday night for their engagement session. These two are located in Hermann and made the drive all the way to Klondike Park to catch that sunset on the clifftop! Honestly the sweetest most down-to-earth couple. Totally my cup of tea and I just know we are going to have a blast on their wedding day!

The session started out simple and sweet but once they warmed up to me, they let their natural selves shine. Dancing like no one was watching, sneaky kisses and lots of laughs. While they were busy getting groovy I asked what their favorite song was. Ben mentioned “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On,” by Mel McDaniel. I’ve honestly never heard this song before and I think they almost disowned me after I said that. Oops. But after giving it a listen, I totally get it. This is their song. It couldn’t have fit the evening any better. Ben had his eyes locked on Kassy the entire time. Kassy just doing her thing in them blue jeans baby.

“She ain’t really tryin’ to cause a scene. It just comes naturally. No the girl can’t help it.”

At the end of the shoot, they wanted to incorporate something that they usually do in photos. Ben slips on a classic graphic tee. It started out by accident when he wore a shirt under his button-up during family photos, but decided to take that sucker off. His mom loved it, so now it’s kind of their thing. Now I love it too. Check out all the pretties from Kassy and Ben’s engagement photoshoot below. ♥

Sang them one of my originals.
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