Waking up at 3am might not seem too enjoyable, but I promise that this sunrise mountain session did not disappoint. It was 100% worth rising before the crack of dawn. Katie and Dale were visiting Colorado with family, and really wanted to book an adventurous mountain session. Both of our evenings were booked so I mentioned a sunrise shoot. Katie and Dale were totally down. Even after I let them know that we would have to be at the location by 6am.

To get to the location in time; my husband, daughter and I woke up at 3am, packed our bags, put on extra warm clothes, and of course, grabbed a hot coffee before hitting the road. Lucky us, Starbucks opened at 4:30am! We drove all the way to the top of this great mountain location near Denver, Colorado. We met Katie and Dale at the front gate entrance around 6am, and made it to the perfect spot around 6:30am. When we arrived the sun had just started to pour through the mountain peaks. Thank goodness for that sun, because it was cold. And I mean so cold, that Katie couldn’t even feel her hands or feet. I luckily had brought my Pendleton to the shoot, which not only added warmth, but some beautiful color.

These type of adventurous mountain sessions are my absolutely favorite to shoot.

I verified that every one had the proper permits to be in the park. I also made sure to scope out the location ahead of time, and had a backup location in mind. Just in case the weather did not cooperate. It’s hard to tell what will happen on top of a mountain. But that Colorado sunshine never fails. And even when it did sprinkle a bit, the clouds broke just in time for our photoshoot.

Katie, Dale, and I ran all over the mountain sides, and around the lake. It was an amazing time. And I am thankful that I made two new adventurous friends from this photoshoot. This session was a dream. The mountains have my heart, and if couples would let me hike around with them and take pictures until I was 70, I would.

mountain engagement photoshoot
sunrise cascading over Mount Evans landscape
mountain engagement photoshoot
Summit Lake, Denver, Colorado
mount Evans engagement photoshoot
Colorado wedding photographer
colorado engagement photoshoot
mount Evans sunrise photoshoot
mountain engagement photoshoot