I met the Benne’s in Marthasville, Missouri for their fall family photos. We drove down a long gravel road until we came to the location where the Benne’s will soon be building there forever home. The light was peaking just barely over the treetops into the golden soybean field, which made for perfect golden images. We walked up the hill towards where their home would soon be at. They were holdings hands almost the entire time and you could just see and feel the love that this family shared. Elizabeth and Clayton are the sweetest couple, who have the most handsome little 2-year-old boy, Elam. His blonde curly hair and big eyes, he is going to be a heartbreaker for sure.

I love to capture real authentic and in the moment images. While working with the Benne Family, those moments came so naturally to them. “Just pretend I’m not here, interact with each other and don’t look at me,” I said. And that was it. They just took each other in, kissed and tickled Elam, and were living in the moment. Elizabeth rocked Elam back and forth in her arms just singing to him until he almost fell asleep. The sweetest moment ever. But then Elam requested “Old Macdonald Had a Farm” and he started to sing along, which cracked me up.

We ended their family photos down in the creek, where Elam could spend his entire day just throwing rocks. After that, we headed back to the vehicles and said our goodbyes. Before I left Elam said “thank you” which about made my heart burst and then turned to mom and dad and said, “Can I drive?” I want to capture your story, your interactions and create moments just like these for you to look back on. This was one of my favorite family sessions to date, after the session my heart was so full.

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